Not only is it a children’s brand, it’s also an extension of the strong and special personality of its founder and creative director, Lena Platanova

She has her roots in the artic circle in the faraway region of Yakutia. Her love for nature is reflected in every piece of her collection.

For this young designer, manufacturing processes are a priority, as well as caring for the environment, and of course carefully selecting materials.

The cotton which will be used for the different collections is chosen by using scientific research into the best cotton plantations. Not forgetting the technological advances in the sector that allow us to produce in a more efficient way and adding value to the brand.

Her priority is to create products made with the best fabric, design and to create prints which have been thought of specially for children. All the pieces are designed so that they are longer lasting, since responsible consumption.

Children are children, not adults. Their clothes are made of organic cotton because sustainability is part of everything that this brand represents.

Next, we’ll show the production map of our garments: