YPI is a Spanish brand, born in the mountains of Castellón. We design and manufacture casual/basic clothes and accessories for kids and babies. We focus on design, as well as on fabric and manufacturing processes so they are consistent with our philosophy, that is, our duty to take care of our environment.

All our efforts are aimed to guarantee physical and emotional comfort for children, helping them growing up. We put tons of love and care in the elaboration of our products. We want to grow up with these kids, as we are also young as a brand. We draw our own patterns and select creative colours. We join fun and practical together so the little ones’ clothes are not just garments but also something they can play with. The design is always a challenge. We offer a product which is comfy, fun, practical, ethical, trendy and original. We investigate tirelessly to capture these values in the design, as they are part of our philosophy and our view of life.

Our creations are of the highest quality, sustainable and ethical. As we work for children, we always have their future in mind. We want them to grow up and develop in a healthy natural and social environment. We transmit our values in everything we offer.

We focus on improving every day, consistent with our principles and our view of the world. That is why we offer our products at a fair price, in harmony with a bussiness based on honesty, commited to our providers and customers and never ceasing to make an effort to do the right thing.