YPI KIDS WEAR is a Spanish brand conceived to dress up boys, girls and babies in a casual way, not forgetting fashion, movement and fun.

Our priorities are design, materials and production processes. This is our philosophy, to design while we take care of our health and our environment.

We like to think we contribute to our customers happiness, parents who know their kids’ clothing is natural and manufactured without dangerous substances, comfortable to play daily in a healthy skin.

We never forget children want to play and we consider their clothes must be fun. That is why we like to create printings full of little and amusing monsters. Sleeves, necks and hoods that are removable and interchangeable. All collections are carefully designed and made in mixed soft and vibrant colors that are originally mixed and contribute to amusement.


We cannot understand our brand without thinking of the environment. That is why everything, from the seeds that our cotton providers select to the last stitch in the clothing is aimed to take care of the children’s skin and their environment.

Natural fibers, organic cotton, no sulphates or toxic materials are part of our values. 

If you wear YPI, you respect the planet



Because we support local manufacturing, all of YPI's garments are 100% made in Spain. We choose to only work with high quality ethical organisations.

Many of our garments are made with our own hands in our workshop-studio. Our models are practically handmade with each item receiving individual attention meaning that many of them are unique and from small batches.  


Our 100% organic fabrics originate from land which is respectfully farmed without using chemicals. In some of the fields our cotton is grown side-by-side with other organic foodstuffs (companion planting) and many of them are irrigated only by nature.

The fabrics used in our products are naturally pure. Unlike conventional cotton they avoid the use of toxins being poured onto the soil. As a result, our fabric doesn't undergo multiple treatments which require the use of water during production.

The manufacturing process doesn't use aggressive chemical treatments or need very much water.

Our garments are naturally comfortable and soft and have a nice feel to them. 

Exceptional moisture absorption, they are highly breathable and avoid smells (I'd say: "they don't accumulate unpleasant odours"). What's more, their certification guarantees the wellbeing of those involved in the cultivation of the organic cotton

All of the accessories for the garments such as buttons, trimmings, fasteners and so on, come from tried and trusted suppliers. Many of these accessories  come with certification and are made from recycled materials.